15 Kid-Friendly Easter Activities

February 27, 2021 2 min read

Want in on a little secret?

There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than seeing toothy/toothless smiles, or hearing our boys belly laugh, but some days, it takes a conscious effort to refocus. I have to remind myself that whatever seems super important in the moment can wait – work, dishes, laundry, etc. Time with my kids is fleeting and irretrievable; for the few years we have them at home, it’s up to us as parents to make them feel seen, heard, and so incredibly loved.

So I try to find little things for us to do together, to squeeze in moments of joy, and these little things grow into something much bigger. As the proverb says, ‘ you reap what you sow’ and I’m in the mood to sow happiness.

If you too want to create special moments that make your little ones feel hugely important, here are some of my favorite ideas for Easter!

Easter traditions - family photos


  • Take a family photo, that you can repeat again next year.
  • Plant something green together – outside, in an indoor pot, for a friend or neighbor.
  • Start an Easter tree – hang painted ornaments, notes of kindness, words of encouragement.



    • Plan a themed scavenger hunt – think carrots, nests, flowers, something orange.
    • Find an open area to fly a kite, bonus points for bringing bubbles too.
    • Add non-food items to their basket, like sidewalk chalk, Easter Bingo, or stickers.



      • Serve colorful snacks in an egg carton - strawberries, shredded carrots, marshmallows.
      • Make rainbow-colored pancakes.
      • Have a jelly bean taste test.


        Dye Easter eggs together


        • Gather supplies for different dying techniques – rubber bands, shaving cream with food coloring, finger paint, crayons, stickers – and unleash your creative side.
        • Play hide and seek with eggs, stashing little trinkets or snacks inside to sweeten the find.
        • If you're really brave, balance eggs on spoons for a race (plastic isn't cheating!).


          Easter craft

          5. CRAFT TIME

          • Knead up some colorful playdough (store in plastic eggs in your fridge for a few days).
          • Make cards to send to friends and family, or to hang around the house.
          • Try suncatchers – you can paint plastic ones or make your own with tissue paper.


          After all this, might they still have dirty clothes? Of course they will. Feel loved, remember this when they’re adults, or give you bonus hugs? Absolutely. And besides, wouldn’t you rather eat pancakes with your babes than just clean the syrup off them? You have the gumption to make their days special – get started making those memories!

          P.S. Is this your first Easter together? Snag a set of our ‘first’ holiday milestones and start planning your family photo!

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