16 Incredibly Useful Ideas for Father's Day Gifts for a New Dad

June 13, 2022 5 min read

You could argue that you’ve already given him the best gift. With the big day just around the corner, it’s time to share our last-minute Father's Day gifts for a new dad. 

What would you say if I told you that you could get away with spending minimal cash to celebrate the new dad in your life? And still make it look like you spent hours, days, planning it? Well, you can. In fact, it really doesn’t have to take much money or effort at all. 

Father’s Day celebrates the role of dads and recognizes father figures who have provided love, support, guidance, and inspiration to the little ones in their life. The lessons, advice, and insights they teach our kids are incredibly important. 

But when it comes to showing our appreciation and gratitude, why oh why does it get lackluster effort?

Maybe because you’ve got diaper duty, laundry, limo-duty, late-night feedings, meals to make, kitchens to clean, or a magazine to read. As moms, we’re expert jugglers, but it means that planning for Father’s Day can get pushed to the back burner. You’ll get to it. Tomorrow.

But worry no more! You can pull off a thoughtful celebration that makes it look like you haven’t had time for anything else. Here are some last-minute Father’s Day gifts for a new dad. These activities and ideas won’t break the bank, and you can pull them together during naptime.

Father’s Day Gifts for a New Dad

When hunting for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a new dad, make sure it achieves one of two goals. It either needs to be something he’ll actually use, or something that will mean something to him. It could be something you buy, or just a simple gesture.

gifts for new dad - gift basket

Gift Baskets

Geared toward his interests, these make thoughtful gifts. And when you’re working with a theme, filling the ‘basket’ becomes a breeze. Start with a container and add items that support the theme. Here are some ideas:

  • For the new dad who needs to chill: Favorite snacks, new drinkware, local brews, cooler, chips
  • For the dad in need of pampering: Slippers, comfy pajamas, beard care, chapstick, hand salve, grooming tools, shaving kit
  • For the sports fan: Balls to toss with the kids, team apparel, ball cap, Big League Chew, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, Slim Jims
  • For the grilling enthusiast: Kabob skewers, variety of BBQ sauces, digital thermometer, spices and rubs, new tools, scrub brush, apron, chef’s hat, grilling mitt
  • For the movie lover: Flavored popcorn, theater tickets, a streaming service he hasn’t tried yet, boxed candies
  • For the coffee lover: New mug, sampler pack of new blends, his favorite blends, grinder, french press, chocolate-covered cocoa beans, biscotti
  • For the home chef: Wooden utensils, silicone spatulas, graters, peelers, slicers, cheese boards, fancy gadgets

gifts for new dad - gift card

Gift Cards

Can gifting get any easier? This will allow him to choose what he wants to do, and where he wants to spend it. Tuck it inside a card with a heartfelt message to make it more personal.

  • Favorite restaurant
  • Restaurant he’s been wanting to try
  • Favorite store
  • To an event (a game, concert, festival)

gifts for new dad - homemade

Homemade Gifts

If you'd prefer a Father’s Day gift for a new dad that’s more personal, gifts made specifically with him in mind are always thoughtful options.

  • Photo related: You can’t get more personal than a gift with a family photo on it. It could be a framed photo, a canvas print with his favorite picture, a coffee mug or a travel cup. You can find keychains, coasters, or desk accessories that have photos; even t-shirts, hats, or socks. Or try personalizing a picture frame with names or words.
  • Handprints: No time to order a gift with a photo? Gifts made with handprints or footprints are always keepers. You could help your little one press them into salt dough, or get out the paint and make pictures to hang.
  • Book: If your little one is talking, have them answer questions about their dad and write their responses in a book or journal you can give him. How tall is your dad, how old is dad, what’s his favorite food, where does he go all day, what’s his favorite song? This would be a fun one to repeat each year as your child gets older.

Gifts For the First-Time Dad

First-time dads are a special breed of new dads, and if you’re shopping for one of these, I’ve got some bonus ideas!

  • Diaper Bag: Carrying around a feminine looking diaper bag gets old. Find one that suits his style better and pack it full of the essentials he’ll need.
  • Baby Carrier: If you have a wrap or a sling that you love to use for baby wearing, a first-time dad might struggle to get all that fabric in the right spot. Buckles, belts, straps, and hardware might be more up his alley with a baby carrier. Look for one he can easily and safely get baby into and out of.

Father’s Day Activities with Kids

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the gifts. Instead, you can plan a fun activity with the whole family, giving you a chance to bond together. This can be something simple at home, or more elaborate. Here are some ideas.

gifts for new dad - play indoors

Staying In Together

  • Build a Castle: Kids love forts before they know it. Work together to make dad’s castle out of pillows, blankets and furniture for a kingdom he can rule.
  • Make a Photo Album: Print family photos, and work together to get them into an album. Tell stories, and talk about memories while you do it. Then start a new family tradition by taking a photo together each year. Slip it into the album, and don’t forget to retake the photo next year.
  • Make a Meal: Cook his favorite meal together, or try a new one. Make sushi rolls, a waffle bar, or his favorite dessert.
  • Play a Game: If you’re looking for something more interactive, try playing a game together. Depending on how old your kiddos are, it could be hide and seek or peekaboo. If they’re a little older, it could be a silly game like the Floor is Lava that gets everyone laughing, something for you to work together as a team like Dinosaur Escape, or a cut throat game of Sorry.(Some of our favorite cooperative games are from Peaceable Kingdom, so much fun!)


gifts for new dad - new adventures

A New Adventure

  • Park or a Hike: You can surprise your new dad by taking him out to the park or for a hike. Make sure you take lots of pictures so you can share them later.
  • Out for Dinner: He’s been dying to try that new restaurant across town, and this is the perfect opportunity to try it together.
  • Take a Day-Trip: Head to a local museum, support your local baseball team, or go see a show. The point is to do something new together as a family and to make memories.
  • Plan a Date: Head out to a local brewery or winery, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. I realize this is a list of things to do with kids, but hey. They can’t always be the center of our world.

Whether you’re celebrating your own dad, a brand new dad, or a role-model in your life, it’s important to acknowledge their contributions to your family. Thinking of gifts, purchased or homemade, and activities to do together reminds them of how special they are. And who doesn’t want to feel like the king for a day.

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