Printable 'Enough' Poster Bundle

The 'Enough' Affirmation print bundle for kids is a set of four beautifully designed prints that celebrate the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Featuring a whimsical quail who encourages you to "embrace your uniqueness", along with his animal friends sporting unique features of their own, these prints are sure to bring a smile to your face and remind kids of their worth.

The bundle includes the definition of "being enough" in kid-friendly terms, along with the powerful affirmation "I am enough". These affirmations will inspire children to embrace their individuality and feel confident in their own skin.

These files are ready to print and are perfect for decorating a child's bedroom, a classroom, a playroom, or any homeschool space where you want to promote positive self-talk.

This is an instant download with printable jpg files, no product will be mailed or shipped.


  • 1 Access PDF with a link to download your files from Google Drive (no account required).
  • 1 PDF on How to Choose Your File (converting ratios to common print sizes).
  • High-resolution 300-dpi JPG files in the sizes listed below (13 per poster).


  • 1:1 ratio - good for sizes (in inches) 8x8 | 10x10 | 12x12 | 16x16 | 20x20
  • 2:3 ratio - good for sizes (in inches) 4x6 | 6x9 | 8x12 | 10x15 | 12x18 | 16x24 | 20x30 | 24x36
  • 3:4 ratio - good for sizes (in inches) 6x8 | 9x12 | 12x16 | 15x20 | 18x24 | 24x32
  • 4:5 ratio - good for sizes (in inches) 4x5 | 8x10 | 12x15 | 16x20 | 20x25 | 24x30
  • ISO (International Standard Size) - A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1
  • 5x7"
  • 8.5x11"
  • 11x14"
  • 11x17"


Once the transaction is complete, your file will be ready to download and save to your computer (and will be accessible at any time). Please download it from a DESKTOP or LAPTOP.


  • The quality of your print will depend on the type of printer, settings, and paper you use. Your monitor and printer settings may cause colors to appear differently in print than what you see on screen. Heavyweight matte paper or card stock is recommended for best results.
  • Color and quality may vary depending on the printer, ink, and material that is used.
  • For personal use only, not to be copied, resold, or shared. 2023 Birchmark Designs LLC
  • Refunds cannot be given on digital files that have been purchased, however, if you have any problems, please contact me.


  • Print instantly on your home computer.
  • Use a local print shop or photo printing store.
  • Upload to an online printing service (Staples, Shutterfly, Walgreens, Walmart etc.) where you can choose your materials.
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Refunds cannot be given on digital files that have been purchased, however, if you have any problems, please contact me.

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