14 Best Apps for New Moms

October 25, 2021 4 min read

It used to be that moms met weekly at play group, or gathered with other parents over Happy Meals while the kids played in the McDonald's indoor play space. Chatting on the phone for hours wasn't uncommon and raising children with a huge village of support was the norm - not the exception.

Oh and we can't forget consulting that oversized What to Expect When You're Expecting book, worn from being passed around from mama to mama. It was basically a rite of passage during pregnancy. 

Now, there's an app for that. As in, think of something parent related, and you can almost bet someone found a shortcut, or a way to automate.

14 Best Apps for New Moms

So that you don't have to waste any of your brain space doing anything other than resting, nesting, and online shopping, we're rounding up the 14 best apps for new moms. Yup, everything (well...almost everything) you need to know about new motherhood will quite literally be in the palm of your hand. 

When you're out and about:

1. Peanut

Remember that village I mentioned before? If you feel like you might be without one, the Peanut app for new moms is a great tool to help you find support right within your own community. Translation: mom friends!

2. Mommy Nearest

Ever wonder where the best kid-friendly restaurants are? Where dad can find a bathroom that actually has a changing table? Mommy Nearest will help you find those things and so much more. 

3. Life360

Safety is always important, but becomes even more critical whenever you become a parent. This app manages all that and so much more! Not only do you get access to real-life support for things like roadside assistance and a nurse hotline, but it enables you to track family members and keep everyone safe. 

When they're not with you:

4. Magic Sleep

We've all heard how noisy it is inside the womb, which is probably why things like the garbage truck and loud music doesn't bother newborns nearly as much as one might think. This app recreated sounds from the womb as well as white noise to help your little one sleep. 

5. Cloud Baby Monitor

Talk about amazing technology! This app will turn one or two devices into a baby monitor so you can watch over your new baby when they aren't in your arms. 

6. Headspace

Whether you are having baby number one or six, it can be a stressful adjustment at times. Headspace is a free app that helps you practice some  meditating in a simple way so that you can get through tough moments and sleep better (when you do sleep!).

For record keeping:

7. Day One Journal

You know we love a good story and a good snapshot around here, and this app keeps track of both. Jot down how you're feeling, a moment you want to hold onto, the funniest thing your kid just said, or upload photos to make this journaling app truly your own. 

8. Baby+

This is one of those "does-it-all" kind of apps. Not only does it give you a place to track all of your baby's daily habits, growth, etc. (great to bring to the doctor!), but it also serves you with valuable new mom information. 

9. Sprout Baby

Diapering, feeding, sleeping - this is one comprehensive app. That said, we might be a bit biased toward its ability to track baby development. Don't get me wrong, I love tracking growth in photos and on our growth ruler, but if that's not your thing, this gives you the digital equivalent.

10. Baby Food and Allergy Checker

Now, this is for when your babe gets a little bit older and is starting with table foods, but we all know how scary the thought of a food allergy can be. This will help you track their food so you are always aware and can answer questions for your doctor, too. 

Can we say 'convenience'?

11. Instacart

Because getting to the store with a new baby isn't always easy...so have the store come to you!

12. Doordash

And while we're on the subject: cooking meals when you have a newborn at home isn't always the easiest thing either. Make sure you have this one handy!

13. Disney+

Yes, we need to pay attention to screen time, but who doesn't love Mickey! Seriously though, sometimes just having something on TV that is kid-friendly and filled with simple sounds and bright colors can be so calming and entertaining for little ones. And anyone with a toddler knows what a lifesaver this can be when you just need five. more. minutes.

For questions or advice:

14. WebMD Baby

We've all fallen down the black hole that comes with googling symptoms. This app has trusted, reliable info related to common medical questions, wellness topics, and all the latest health news. Having answers easily accessible can quickly put your fretting mind at ease - especially when late night panic sets in and help isn't easy to come by.

Last I checked, babies didn't come with a manual. As they grow, the issues we encounter become more and more complex - emotional, behavioral, social, moral, ethical, and I know I can't be the only one feeling ill prepared for those conversations. I'm on the hunt for an app that guides parents through life's challenging and difficult conversations, so if you have one, send it my way!

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