Baby Milestones To Celebrate During The First Month

October 18, 2021 2 min read

New baby smells, snuggles, and oh so much bonding - there is so much to celebrate when you have a new little babe in your arms!

The first month of life is filled with so many changes and adjustments, and not just for mom and dad, but baby is getting used to life outside the womb and adapting, too. There's typically a learning curve for every member of the family, but once you find your groove, it's smooth (ish) sailing.

As you know, here at Birchmark Designs, the words "baby milestone" are a huge part of our everyday vernacular. Our hearts burst with joy each time a family welcomes a new baby and we get to be part of their journey together with our milestone blocks, milestone cards, and all of our special family keepsakes. We fully believe in celebrating all the moments - not just the monthly milestones. 

Before you get started, did you know that you can add a name block to your milestone block set? This is a great way to make your photos extra special and a wonderful way to add to your set if you are having a second child, a new baby, or multiples!

Baby Milestones To Celebrate During The First Month

We thought it would be fun to roundup some of the oh-so-special, everyday moments that are worth noting in your photo albums (or should we say Instagram grids?)

1. Baby's first bath - don't worry, that newborn smell won't go away with one rinse.

2. First diaper change - maybe not photo worthy, but this is the first of many, and a milestone nonetheless!

3. Baby's first car ride - will you sit in the backseat, or drive 10 mph? No judging here (as long as you're not doing both at once!).

4. Baby's first attempt at tummy time - it's incredibly hard to resist scooping them up instantly, just remember it's good for muscle development.

5. Baby’s first checkup - venturing out together, for an update on all those vital statistics.

6. Baby's first cuddles with mom/dad/siblings - try to keep from swooning at the sight of your favorite people bonding with each other. 

7. Baby's first time sucking their thumb/pacifier - whether a built-in paci or one attached elsewhere, they're learning to self-soothe.

8. Baby noticing music for the first time - their hearing is improving too, little by little.

9. Baby playing with simple toys for the first time - a sign their vision is improving, along with their dexterity.

10. Baby's first time feeding (and first late night snack) - whether at home, at the hospital, or somewhere else entirely, I hope this moment is exactly how you imagined. And if not, know you're not alone and that it does get easier. Truly, it does. 

I hope that you enjoyed my list and feel inspired to get your camera out! If you aren't sure how to get started with taking lifestyle photos of your new baby, I have some tips here to get you started! 

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