5 Hilarious Things I'm Not Afraid to Blame on My Mom Brain

November 15, 2021 3 min read

After having each of the boys, I definitely noticed that my brain started working in different ways. I don't want to say that I became more forgetful, because my brain was sharper in certain areas - like the parts that help me remember each exact like and dislike of both of our children. (Like who puts ketchup on a ham sandwich, who wants mustard on salmon, and who would keel over if I tried to put them in ankle socks.)

I struggled to think of certain words that pre-motherhood would have rolled right off my tongue. I've tried to charge my phone with my computer charger. But at the same time, I more than thrive when it comes to remembering appointments, keeping all four of our schedules straight without looking at a calendar, and can even whip up a school spirit week costume within a moment's notice. You might say these are my superpowers and I wouldn't argue. 

Experts recently shared with The New York Times (so you know it's legit!) that this is called "mommy brain" and it happens because our brains change every time we are pregnant. Taking things even further, they also noted that while getting back to our pre-pregnancy body is possible, getting back to our pre-pregnancy brain is not. 

Interesting, huh? 

The really cool thing is that these changes aren't a bad thing at all. Nope. Whenever we hear people say that mom's are superheroes, it's really true. While we might not fly through the air or have super strength, we do have super charged brains. These brain powers help guide us and our family through our daily lives while navigating through any curveballs thrown our way. But that amazing organ also give us an excuse for things we do that might be a little on the silly side. Some days we might need to blame our mom brain more than others. 

5 Hilarious Things I'm Not Afraid to Blame on My Mom Brain

Before you get to have a few laughs at my expense, I want to remind you that you and your body have done amazing things. Ms. Tucker, a science writer and mother of four, laid it out in the New York Times article as "your brain has undergone a hidden Renaissance.” 

Keep those words in mind and know that motherhood has changed you to become the very best version of yourself. 

Without further ado, and in no particular order...

1. I left my purse in the airport terminal on a business trip. The lady on the loudspeaker saying ‘don’t leave your luggage unattended’ – she was clearly talking to me. Luckily they tracked me down on the plane during pre-flight safety.


2. Later that same day, I left my rental car keys in the hotel lobby. I got a call from the front desk after they tracked me down too. I'm lucky I made it anywhere; that trip was a doozie.


3. Our youngest is named after my dad, so you'd think after decades together, I'd know how to spell his name. Think again, my friend. In the greatest misspelling of all misspellings, it was his birth certificate that took the brunt of this oops. Months later (and many, many phone calls and forms), we finally got it corrected.


4. In what seemed like a torrential downpour, I had to stop at a gas station to ask a fellow driver to show me how to turn on my wipers. That one took some guts to slide myself out of the car, but when you have places to go, sometimes that's all the motivation you need!


5. Halfway through mowing the lawn, I abandoned the mower at the curb, insanely desperate to get to my jar of pickles. Hours later, a polite stranger knocked on the door to ask it my mower was for sale. So much credit to that fella for not just driving off with it!


Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me! I hope you got a good chuckle.  

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