5 Ways New Moms Can Get More 'Me Time'

October 11, 2021 3 min read

I still remember those sweet moments of holding my boys when they were first born. Then, bringing them home from the hospital. Then each giggle, diaper change, bath, and memory after that. Being a mom is magical. But, there also comes a point within all of those wonderfully chaotic days that you go "what about me?"

We need alone time as moms here and there. We can't be our best selves for our little ones if we aren't also there for ourselves. And as hard as it is sometimes to differentiate between being a mom and our former, pre-mom selves, we have to take time to reconnect with that version of ourselves, too. 

Last time I checked, "me time," especially as a new mom was so much more than just getting to pee alone, clean alone, or grocery shop alone - no matter how inviting it is to peruse through the aisles at Target with a latte, unbothered. Nope. It's so much more than that. 

Even though it's a role we accept with open arms, becoming a parent can mean we have to give some things up. However, every once in a while it's so important to make sure that we have a little bit of time by ourselves, doing something that we love. 

5 Things New Moms Can Do To Get More 'Me Time'

New motherhood, no matter how many children you already have at home, always throws your routine and schedule a little off kilter until you get back into your new groove again. I get it. So today, I wanted to share a few things that I've learned over the years about sneaking in some "me time" when I've needed it most. 

1. Host a weekly play date swap with one or two moms. 

To me, "me time" actually means time alone, not just when a child is sleeping and you're still on call. Hosting a weekly play date swap is a great way to do that! Find a mom or two that you know and trust and alternate weekly play dates so that you each get a little bit of time to yourself. 

2. Start a "me time" swap with your partner. 

Scheduling weekly time where both you and your partner take turns with the kids so that you can get out and then he or she can get out is something to look forward to each week. Yes, it's still important to make sure that you have date nights together, but alone time is important, too. 

3. Find a gym or co-working space that has childcare and join!

This is totally one of these "kill two birds with one stone" situations where you can get a great workout or some work in, while knowing that your kiddos are in good care. It might not be the absolutely perfect "me time" scenario, but it's pretty darn close when you're a new mama juggling many different things each day!

4. Get the kids involved in an activity that doesn't require you to be 100% hands on. 

I totally get that that this may not be something you can indulge in until the kids are a couple years old, but having them involved in an activity such as library story time, soccer, gymnastics, etc., where you get to sit and watch from the sidelines can give you an hour of calmness each week that you need. 

5. Keep a busy box handy. 

This was my secret weapon when the boys were in that baby/toddler age! A busy box is simply any box you have lying around the house that is filled with silly things from the dollar store that you know your kiddos will love. I kept it in a closet and on days when I was nearing my breaking point, I would pull out the busy box and they would literally be busy long enough for me to re-group. Mom win!

And my last little tidbit of advice is to immerse yourself in the chaos. I know that taking time to put everything else aside and committing myself 100% in playing or reading, or whatever the kids are asking me to do, I feel way less mom guilt later on that day when I need to take five. 

 What do you do to get more me time? I would love to hear!

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