Baby Milestones To Celebrate During Month Three

December 06, 2021 3 min read

Can you believe that your little love is three months old? You probably never thought they would be out of the newborn stage, but now, here you are switching all their onesies to the next size up!

Speaking of sizing up: have you ever heard the saying that babies grow more during their first year of life than during any other time in their lives? While we can’t be certain how factual that statement is, it is definitely true that by month three your baby has gained more than 30% of their body weight, and lots more growing will be happening between now and six months outside the womb. Watch out world!

Three months is exciting because so many new skills are starting to develop and you might even realize that your baby is beginning to notice the smells of you and your partner. Yup, for once they will be breathing in your scent instead of you doing all the inhaling of the new baby smell! (Can someone just bottle that up and make a candle already?)

Last month, we shared all of the important and everyday milestones to becelebrated during month two and this month we are excited to continue this journey with you and share some of our favorite baby milestones to celebrate during month three. As always, we encourage you to mark all of those specialbaby milestones, one picture at a time. 

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Baby Milestones To Celebrate During Month Three

1. Baby’s first time bearing weight on their legs. We know: you aren’t ready for your little one to take off and start walking yet, but month three is when they start to put some weight on those growing legs!

2. First time baby holds their head at a 90-degree angle. We have been seeing our little ones lift their head during supervised tummy time before this month, but month three is when they are really able to lift their head high off the ground with little to no help. 

3. First time baby sucks their thumb. Ever wonder why this happens? It’s because three months is when your baby discovers their hands!

4. First time baby tries to respond to what you say. Last month, we noted how much baby will start to gurgle and coo, but now things get even more exciting as they begin to respond to you for the first time! The best way to react is by showing your little one how interested you are in what they have to say and even walking them in the direction of where they are looking. These are the early steps towards story-telling. 

5. First time baby can see movement. Baby's vision is slowly improving, and they're able to follow things that are moving, especially you! They love shapes, contrasting patterns, and the faces of their familiar people.

6. First time baby rubs their eyes. During month three is when we begin to see your sweetie alert you that they are tired by rubbing their eyes. 

7. First time baby sits with support. It’s crazy to think that this can start to happen at only three months. They're strong enough now to sit up while on your lap and hold their head and body up without much support. 

8. First time sleeping through the night. While some lucky parents experience this before three months (and others will be waiting a while), this marks the point when your baby's sleep schedule might start to align with your own. Being more alert during the day, can wipe a little one out!

As we have mentioned before, we love seeing other families creating their own memories, and capturing it all with photos to remember the journey. Follow us on Instagram and tag our account when you post your photos for a chance to be featured in our feed! 

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