Baby Nursery Ideas

January 24, 2022 4 min read

Here we are mamas, it is officially 2022 and that means that we have a whole new list of baby nursery ideas to dive into! 

Each year, the baby nursery trends change and evolve, the same way that fashion does. What was popular last year might not be trending anymore and I want to make sure that you're up to date on the latest and the greatest baby nursery  ideas so you have a clear vision of what you want when the time comes to decorate. 

Gathering baby nursery ideas is such a fun process! And my oh my have things changed since we had the boys. I believe it was Target who sold the nursery equivalent to “bed in a bag” making it a one-stop-shop for nursery decor. As convenient as that was, I love how things are shifting and we are seeing parents yearn for pieces that are more personalized, eco-friendly, sustainable, and unique. 

dino bookends

After all, your baby’s nursery is that safe, peaceful place where they (and you!) will be spending a lot of time together. It should inspire you both, bring a sense of calm, and be a fun place to play. 

Baby Nursery Ideas

First things first: congratulations on the addition of a new little gentleman or princess to your family! This is such an exciting time to plan, paint, build furniture, and transform a room within your home into a special place that your little one will love for many, many years to come. 

Whether you consider yourself to be trendy, classic, modern, or somewhere in between, I have some baby nursery ideas that are sure to make you swoon!

Personalized Pieces

We might be a little biased, but there's a reason why this is one trend that is still going strong. Personalized pieces add emotional connections and reminders; the name you chose for your baby has meaning to you. Seeing your baby's name on display can guide you when you're feeling stressed, give you strength when you need it, calm you, and make you feel nostalgic. The pieces themselves can be just as much for you as a parent, as for your baby. Think personalized bookends or wall art, name signs you hang on the wall or the door, or letter blocks. 

Bonus: When you personalize items for your baby's room, it gives your child a sense of ownership in the space (and fingers crossed that the feeling of ownership translates to a sense of responsibility to keep it clean!). 

Black Accents

This is definitely a bold, trendier option when choosing baby nursery ideas, but I’m kinda loving how different it is. Have an accent wall? Try painting it black. Ordering a crib or rocking chair? Opt for black. These dark hues are meant to really ground the nursery and give a whole new meaning to the term “pop of color.”

Going Green

If you want your nursery to feel peaceful and calming (and during those late-night feedings, who doesn't!), shades of green are the way to go. From an accent wall, to a dresser or changing table, to shelves and knick-knacks, touches of green can make you take deep, relaxing breaths. Hues can vary from gray-green like eucalyptus, to deep jewel tones like emerald, or earthier options like forest.

Natural Materials

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but this is something we have been  doing since the very beginning. Natural materials are what we are all about, as each product starts from raw, unfinished wood, giving us a blank canvas to make your memorable pieces come to life. For your baby nursery ideas to come to life using natural materials, we are seeing people incorporate ceramic and stone into their nursery decor. 

Handmade Finds

I hinted at this a little bit earlier, because it makes my heart burst with joy when we see people opting to shop small and support artisans versus creating registries with big box stores. When you start to bring together your baby nursery decor, you will be surprised by all of the special things you can find on sites like Etsy and right here at  Birchmark Designs. 


Bringing more plants into your nursery decor means more energy radiating throughout the entire room! Greenery lends a feeling of freshness and is a fun way to add some bright pops of color around the nursery. 

Tell a Story

This is one trend that I hope sticks around for a while, maybe forever. It's incorporating pieces into your baby's nursery that make you feel a certain way - joyful, nostalgic, energized - and remind you of something special. It could be something from your own childhood, a treasure from a grandparent, something that spoke to you on a trip with your partner. Whatever it is, pieces that tell a story make you reflect on the past and want to pull those moments into your present.

Woodland Creatures

Woodland creatures are everywhere and oh-so-cute in your sweet baby’s nursery! All of the special woodland creature additions are completely enchanting and bring the nursery to life. Add our Woodland creature bookends for a finishing touch!

Lots of Texture

Texture, texture everywhere! This is such a popular and fun nursery embellishment once you get the hang of it. Texture can come from mixing and matching different weights of fabrics (think: velvet and sherpa) with carpets, pillows, curtains, baskets, and even furniture. Whether a rocking chair, ottoman, or just a soft throw you can cuddle-up in, texture lends a cozy, comforting vibe to your nursery.

Story Corners 

And last but certainly not least, I love the focus on reading and how it’s becoming very popular this year to have customized story corners or book nooks in your baby’s nursery. Our themed bookends help these spaces come to life, giving you the opportunity to choose a theme, customize the wood, and also include the baby’s first name and initial. 


Do you have a baby on the way? Which baby nursery ideas have inspired you to start creating or put the finishing touches on your nursery? Tag us when you post pictures so that we can see!

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