Baby Milestones To Celebrate During Month Six

January 17, 2022 4 min read

Hold on to your coffee cup tight, mama, cause your little one is on the move!

I said it last month, and I will say it again: baby-proofing is about to shift to a whole new level. If this isn’t your first child, then you are already well aware, but if this is baby number one for you and your partner, you are going to want to listen up. It will surprise you - like jaw-dropping astonishment - what your sweet little babe will get into. Pretty much everything.

And they only get busier from here. 

Gone are the days when your little one wants to gently lay in their baby swing and drift in and out of sleep while lullabies softly play in the background. Nope. They are ready to explore and take in all that the world around them has to offer, starting with the safety net of your home. 

If you are already using our baby milestone cards and photo props, we shared a great post last week for incorporating these into photos. Pop them into all the suggestions below and you will have the most memorable photos every single month. If you are new to our products, you can shop them here. Get your camera ready!

Baby Milestones To Celebrate During Month Six

Before we get started with our list of baby milestones to celebrate during month six, I want to make sure you are set up for success, which in this case means ready to start snapping photos. 

I have a free resource that you can download called Photography Secrets For New Moms. Paired with our baby milestone photo props, it’s a winning duo - don’t miss out on this great guide! 

Here we go!

First time baby notices themselves in the mirror.

Whether you have them in your arms as you pass by a hallway mirror or they see themselves in a baby toy with a mirror, this is the age they start to notice, and start checking themselves out!


First time baby starts to scoot.

On the move is right! This is the month that all of those motor skills they have been working so hard to achieve come together, and those sweet scoots start to happen. 


First time baby notices a stranger.

This is such an important milestone! Maybe not so much for picture taking purposes, but for safety purposes for your little love. The big lessons that we will teach them down the road about stranger danger start here. 

First time baby responds to emotions.

Emotions are starting to play a big role in your baby’s life and they are beginning to feel them - both big and small. 

First time baby starts solids.

This is an exciting one because oh those facial expressions when they try something they don’t like! It gives parents a chance to really explore their little one’s taste palette and watch it advance over time. 

Mom-Tip: Give yourself a break here and be careful not to do everything, or you'll wind up one stressed out mama. Yes, there are benefits to cooking and preparing your own baby food, but please give yourself some limits and boundaries. It's your job to find a balance between developing baby's palette and what you can realistically handle in a given day.

First time baby stacks toys.

At this point, baby has been playing with and loving toys (even things that aren’t toys that they turn into toys!). But when they realize that all by themselves they can stack those objects one by one, such a sense of accomplishment is earned!


First time baby goes into a sitting position, after being placed on their tummy.

Your little one is moving and grooving! Their body is getting stronger and stronger each day and they are ready now at month six to be placed on their tummy and wiggle into different positions. 


First time baby gets a flu shot.

Six months is when baby is allowed to get their first flu shot. While this might not be the most swoon-worthy moment, it is definitely important for their overall health, and a moment when those mama snuggles will be invaluable.


Baby starts teething.

I get it, this is actually a pretty awful time for your little one and not a set of emotions that you necessarily want to capture on camera. Just take one good, close-up look at those sore gums, and you'll see why. Your baby might need help relieving their gum pain, to push those pesky teeth through the surface.

Whether you're one for natural remedies, or a fan of teethers, make sure you have something handy to sooth that pain. 

However, once that first tooth pops through, make sure you have your camera handy because there is nothing quite like those one toothed grins that will be coming your way!

I hope that these baby milestones have inspired some creative photo opps this month! If you are new to our series, or just want some more photo ideas, start here at month one and work your way through. I promise - there’s nothing quite like looking back through these photos and relishing in the memories. You will pat yourself on the back for being your family’s official photographer!

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