Craft Your Family's Story with Birth Flower Bouquets

March 13, 2024 5 min read

Why settle for fleeting blooms when you can immortalize the beauty of each petal with a birth flower bouquet? Unlike real flowers that wilt and fade, these personalized masterpieces endure as timeless reminders of the special occasions and the unique story your family shares.

Join us on a journey to discover why birth flower bouquets stand out, capturing the essence of your family in a way that real flowers simply can't match. In three simple steps, let's dive into creating a lasting testament to the beauty of your family's journey.

If you're interested in learning the meaning behind each flower, this post provides all the details.


Step 1: Choose Your Style

birth flower bouquet stylesThe first step in creating a meaningful birth flower bouquet is selecting the perfect style to complement your taste and home decor.

  • Pennant: Capture a whimsical vibe with a its unique shape, perfect for adding a playful touch to your living space.
    • Available in 1 size
  • Poster: For a stylish and budget-friendly choice, a poster allows you to display your birth flowers prominently in any room. Hang straight on the wall as is, or frame yourself.
    • Available in multiple sizes
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas: This elegant option provides a frameless look that seamlessly blends into your decor.
    • Available in multiple sizes
  • Framed Canvas: If you prefer a more traditional touch, a framed canvas adds a classic touch that highlights the intricate details of your bouquet. At smaller sizes, the framed canvas is able to stand-alone, and at larger sizes it becomes a statement piece.
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Walnut or black frame

    Step 2: Choose Your Fontbirth flower bouquet fontsNow that you've selected your preferred style, it's time to add a personal touch by choosing the font that best resonates with you. The font selection can convey different emotions and styles, allowing you to tailor your birth flower bouquet to your individual taste. Options may include:

    Afton - Handwritten Script:

    • Afton adds an artistic and personalized feel to your bouquet. It's perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of a handcrafted touch, adding an element of individuality to your birth flower display. 
    • Afton is an excellent choice for moms who value a sentimental and artistic vibe in their home decor.

    Saffron - Modern Handwritten Script:

    • If you're aiming for sophistication and sleekness, Saffron is the way to go. Saffron beautifully combines the warmth of handwritten elements with a touch of modern sophistication, creating a harmonious blend for your birth flower bouquet.
    • This font exudes a contemporary elegance, making it ideal for moms who appreciate a stylish and polished look. 

    Seneca - Playful Script:

    • Seneca adds a whimsical and friendly feel to your bouquet. It's a fantastic choice for moms who want to infuse a bit of fun and lightheartedness into their living space. 
    • Whether displayed in a bedroom or a family room, Seneca's script brings a touch of joy and playfulness to your personalized birth flower arrangement.

    Archie - Serif Print with a Vintage Feel:

    • For a dash of nostalgia and vintage charm, Archie is the perfect choice, bringing a sense of history and tradition to your personalized artwork. 
    • It adds a classic, timeless touch to your birth flower bouquet, making it an excellent fit for moms who appreciate the enduring beauty of bygone eras. 

    Quinn - Fun and Vibrant Serif Print:

    • Quinn exudes vibrancy and fun, making it a delightful choice for moms who want to inject energy into their home decor. Its playful yet classic style ensures that your birth flower bouquet stands out with a lively and captivating presence. 
    • Quinn is ideal for those who seek a balance between fun and sophistication.

    Parker - Classic Serif Print:

    • If timeless and classic is your preference, Parker is a great option. It offers a traditional and refined look that suits a variety of decor styles. 
    • Parker's classic appeal makes it an excellent choice for moms who appreciate the enduring beauty of simple, elegant designs.

    Chestnut - Contemporary Sans Serif Print:

    • Chestnut boasts a contemporary look with clean lines, making it perfect for those who favor a minimalist aesthetic. Its simplicity adds a touch of modern sophistication to your birth flower bouquet, ensuring a sleek and clean appearance that complements any space.
    • Chestnut is an excellent choice for moms who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and a clutter-free environment.

    Step 3: Choose Your Months and Personalizebirth flowers by month

    The Flowers

    Now that you've picked out how you want your birth flower bouquet to look and chosen the fancy writing style, let's talk about the really fun part - making it all about your family. This step is where you get to add your family's special touch, your story.

    Choosing the birth months for your bouquet is the key to crafting a deeply personal and meaningful arrangement. Simply let us know the birth months of your loved ones, and from there, we curate a bouquet using flowers that correspond to each specific month. 

    We take into account the colors, shapes, and sizes of the flowers, ensuring that each bloom complements the others. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your birth flower bouquet is a true representation of every person and every story within your family.


    For the personalization aspect, you have the opportunity to make your birth flower bouquet uniquely yours.

    The headline takes center stage, capturing the gist of your family. It could be as simple as your family name, such as 'The Fulchers,' or you may choose something more poetic and broad like 'Love Grows Here,' 'Grandma’s Garden,' or 'Mimi’s Wildflowers.' 

    The primary text serves as the focal point, anchoring your bouquet in the spirit of your family's identity.

    Dive further into personalization by adding secondary text that complements the primary message. 

    Families have different preferences for this aspect - some choose to highlight individual names, creating a bouquet that showcases each family member. Alternatively, you can opt for a historical touch by including a significant date, like 'Est 2010' or 'Since 2020,' symbolizing the founding or special moments in your family's journey. 

    This secondary text layer adds depth to your bouquet, telling a nuanced story that goes beyond the blooms.



    As your bouquet comes to life, the beauty lies in the details and the story you weave. You’ve shaped a unique masterpiece that not only celebrates the life represented by each flower but also captures your family’s history. 

    We hope that your birth flower bouquet becomes a cherished symbol of the love, growth, and shared moments within your family.

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