Mom's Guide to Each Month's Unique Birth Flower

March 04, 2024 4 min read

Back in the day, when expressing feelings was a bit hush-hush, people turned to flowers as their secret language. Each bloom carried a special meaning, creating a unique way to say things without saying anything at all. 

Fast forward to now, and we've got birth flowers, a charming tradition that gives a special floral buddy to each month.

So, where did it all start? Think Victorian era, where subtlety was key, and emotions were whispered through flowers. The cool part? It was like sending a secret floral message! 

The American National Retail Florist Association took this idea and ran with it in 1912, giving us the official birth flowers we know and love today.

Now, why should you care? Well, besides being pretty, these blooms have stories to tell and traits to share. They're like little companions, each with its own vibe, each with its own personality. 

So, next time you're picking flowers or someone hands you a bouquet, remember, it's not just about the petals – it's nature's way of saying, "Hey! Here's a special bloom and a secret message just for you!”

Now that we've planted the seed of curiosity about birth flowers, let's dig in!

 birth month flowers

  1. January - Carnation: Embracing New Beginnings

January kicks off the year in style with the vibrant hues of carnations! These blooms are like the confetti of the flower world, shouting out purity and new beginnings. Picture them as the floral VIPs in the New Year's bash, adding a touch of class and good vibes to the celebration.

  1. February - Violet: Love and Loyalty

February, the month of love, pairs up with the enchanting violet. These flowers are like love notes from nature, telling tales of deep affection and loyalty. Violets are the romantic poets of the garden, spreading love vibes that could even make Cupid blush. Who needs arrows when you've got violets?

  1. March - Daffodil: Rebirth and New Beginnings

March waltzes in with the sunshiney daffodils, ready to party! These blooms are the life of the spring fiesta, symbolizing the ultimate rebirth and renewal. Think of daffodils as Mother Nature's way of saying, "Wake up, world! It's time to bloom!"

  1. April - Daisy: Innocence and Purity

April showers bring May flowers, and guess who's leading the innocence parade? The daisy! These blooms are like the childhood friends who never grow old – pure, simple, and always bringing a smile. Daisies are basically the giggles of the flower world.

  1. May - Lily of the Valley: Sweetness and Humility

May strolls in with the sweet fragrance of Lily of the Valley. These blooms are like the little fairies of the garden, spreading sweetness and humility wherever they go. Lily of the Valley is the reminder to find joy in the small wonders – the floral version of a happy dance!

  1. June - Rose: Love and Beauty

Roses are the rockstars of the flower world – always stealing the spotlight!These blooms are the love gurus, speaking the language of emotions in every shade. Red for passion, pink for admiration – roses are basically the poets expressing love in a rainbow of colors.

  1. July - Larkspur: Positivity and Lightness

July is all about sunshine and larkspurs, bringing positivity and lightness into the scene. These flowers are like the ultimate mood boosters – a burst of happiness just when you need it!Larkspurs invite us to celebrate life's joyful moments and dance in the rain without a care in the world.

  1. August - Gladiolus: Strength and Moral Integrity

August, meet gladiolus – the strong and moral buds of the flower bunch!Standing tall and strong, these blossoms symbolize strength and moral integrity.They're like the friends who give you a virtual high-five when you need some extra strength. Go, team! 

  1. September - Aster: Wisdom and Elegance

September, you classy thing! Asters add a touch of wisdom and elegance to your life.These blooms are like the wise elders of the garden, carrying patience and understanding in their petals. Asters remind us that beauty comes with time and experiences, just like a fine wine.Pinkies up!

  1. October - Marigold: Resilience and Optimism

October brings marigolds – the true survivors of the flower world!These blooms are like the cheerleaders of life, reminding us that even in tough times, we can shine bright. Marigolds are basically the high-fives of the flower world.You got this!

  1. November - Chrysanthemum: Loyalty and Honesty

- November's got chrysanthemums – the ride-or-die buddies who embody unwavering loyalty and honesty, even as the days grow colder. They're like the BFFs you can always count on for a heart-to-heart, and invite us to cherish friendships that stand the test of time. Cheers to true pals! 

  1. December - Narcissus: Hope and Renewal

As the year wraps up, December brings the hopeful blooms of narcissus. These flowers are like the little sparks of hope and renewal, reminding us to reflect on the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the adventures ahead. Narcissus is basically the New Year's Eve fireworks of the floral world – a dazzling display of possibilities! 


And there you have it! Your quick rundown on birth flowers, here to add a touch of fun and meaning to your busy life. The next time you spot these blooms, know they're not just pretty faces – they're your friendly companions on this adventure we call life.

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