Every Milestone for an 11 Month Old You Need to Know

June 07, 2022 4 min read

Babies are tricksters. In the beginning they seduce you with their wide-eyed stares and sweet smiles. But don’t be fooled! Milestones for an 11 month old include burying their parents elbow deep in poo, throwing food in their faces, and requiring enough laundry to stretch across the state.

Every day for the last 11 months have been preparing for this. In the near future, your baby will be too busy to be bothered with the things of babies. Things like sitting still, being entertained with a box, or snuggling.

Live it up while you can.

Milestones for an 11 Month Old

Now for the milestones for an 11 month old that you should be on the lookout for. 


Your 11 month old is starting to make their way around the house, as they cruise from one piece of furniture to the next. Their little leg muscles can do squat after squat like they’ve been secretly using your gym membership. Pretty soon, all this practice will turn into unassisted steps. Get your camera ready!


As their muscles develop, they’re able to get their booties up and over things. This also means they might attempt the staircase and could be curious enough to climb on top of open drawers. Make sure you house has been baby proofed.

Following Simple Instructions

Baby is understanding more and more of the language we use, and recognizes the names of some common objects. This means at 11 months your baby can follow clear, one-step instructions. Try things like ‘roll me the ball,’ or ‘give me the cup’ to test out their new skills. 

Improved Motor Skills

The pincher grasp has been working hard, and the fine motor skills are continuing to develop. This month, your 11 month old baby might start trying to manipulate smaller objects to get them to do certain things. Like twisting and turning a spoon around in those little fingers to feed themselves the solids they've been loving since the six month milestone.

Showing Preferences

We all know preferences can change with the wind, so try not to take this too personally if it’s not in your favor. At this stage, babies are developing preferences and aren’t afraid to make those choices known. It could be a favorite food, a favorite toy, or even a favorite parent. 

Using Gestures

Along with those preferences, 11 month old babies are working on non-verbal ways to express what they want. They might start pointing, can follow commands if you ask them to wave, and might even start shaking their head yes or no.

First Words

If you haven’t heard those sweet, sweet words yet of mama or dada, they’re coming soon! Milestones for an 11 month old baby include applying the right names to the ones they love, and to simple objects they’re familiar with. 

Understands the Purposes of Objects

‘Language comprehension’ sounds so complicated like your baby is getting ready for an exam, but in a way it’s true. They’re learning that a cup holds their favorite drink, a comb scratches their head, and books are for storytime. As they explore more and more of their world, they put relationships together between what an object is, and what it’s for.

Looks for Familiar Faces

For some, this starts the phase of separation anxiety. For others, it’s a bittersweet feeling. In a room full of people, your baby will look for you and might be perfectly content in someone else’s arms, or start to fuss hoping you’ll swoop in. Though they've had stranger danger for a few months now, this marks a turning point when your baby starts searching for you.


Remember last month when baby started showing off selective hearing? It evolves this month. At 11 months old, your baby might hear you give a simple instruction like ‘stop’. They might even stop what they’re doing for a second, to think about it. And the next second they’re back to what it was they were doing before. Is it lack of understanding? Is it deliberate? Either way, they’re exhibiting some independent thinking.

No weeping yet, but next month brings on the mother of all milestones. The first birthday. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to reflect on the milestones for an 11 month old.

You’ve gone from a tiny little being, who you didn’t think it was possible to love even a smidgeon more. Who depended on you for absolutely everything. To a slightly larger human being, who stretches your heart in unimaginable ways. Who you want to grow one minute and stay little forever the next.

So before your 11 month old turns into a one year old, stop to appreciate the small moments that won’t be lasting much longer. Hold those hugs while you can. Wipe those messy cheeks while they’re still squishy.

You’re about to enter a new phase; enjoy this one for just a wee bit longer.

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