Baby Milestones to Celebrate During Month 10

April 19, 2022 5 min read

Is there anything sweeter than the first time (well… ALL the times) that your little one looks up at you with their puppy dog eyes and says “mama?” Sweeter words have never been spoken unless they say “dada” first. Just kidding. That is pretty darn cute, too! Get ready for your heart to explode because milestones during month 10 mean that baby is now saying those precious sounds of “mama” and “dada” on purpose! 

You can now sit and count on all 10 fingers with your little love to show them just how old they are and there is a very good chance that they will try to repeat the sounds right back to you. Now the only challenge is getting them to sit still long enough on your lap without wiggling out to do the counting!

One of my favorite things about this age is how babies start to recognize the books that you have been spending time reading to them. The colors, the words, and soon the important messages resonate with them and there is a sense of excitement when you pull their favorite off the shelf and start leafing through the pages.


Make sure you brighten up your nursery or book nook with one of our personalized themed bookends to make the whole ritual even more special!

Baby Milestones to Celebrate During Month 10

My mom tip before we jump into all of these fun baby milestones to celebrate during month 10, is to soak it all in. Seriously. All of it. I know that there will be hard moments and I know that there will be joyful ones, too, and they are all equally important. The good, the messy, the exhausting moments, even the crying-ugly-tears moments are all part of your motherhood story. Relish in that. Let it wash over you and celebrate every second that you can.

So before your baby utters their next word, here are the top milestones to keep an eye out for during baby's 10th month.


Baby walks while holding your hands.

While they might not be taking their first official steps on their own yet (thank goodness!), your little one is starting to understand what it feels like to be on their feet and walking while holding onto mom and dad's hands.

Their little brains know where they want to go, and they're trying their darndest to get there. And those little leg muscles! Since that 7 month milestone, your baby's legs have really been putting in the effort to propel your baby to the next stage.

Mom-Tip: Holding on to baby's hands to walk them all over creation, while you're hunkered down, can be back-breaking. Remember to take care of yourself too, and try not to overdo it. Your baby will get there.


Object permanence becomes a part of your everyday life.

This phrase sounds so official, right? But the gist of it is that when baby is playing with a toy and it disappears or it gets lost, they will begin to understand that it is gone and start to look for it.

The same thing goes with mom and dad. Just try to go to the bathroom by yourself, I promise that your little love will hunt you down - and it never ends! It's heart-warming at first, but by the time they're in elementary school, it's another story. ;)

 aspen milestone blocks


Baby is packing on the pounds.

While these aren’t favorable words to hear as an adult, putting on the pounds is great at 10 months and means that your little one is healthy and growing! According to The Bump, “The average weight of a 10-month-old baby is 18.7 pounds for girls and 20.2 pounds for boys.”

And give yourself some credit here too. By now, you've grown the muscles you need to lug that baby around, so toot, toot! That's your horn blowing for taking things one month at a time. Our 'mom-muscles' grow right alongside our baby's.


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Baby starts ignoring certain sounds. 

Uh-huh. You can also go ahead and call this selective hearing. This is one of those moments I mentioned earlier that might make you cry. For real cry. And unfortunately once selective hearing starts, it pretty much never ends! At 10 months old your little one has not only started recognizing sounds but they are also beginning to ignore ones that they deem less important than others. Who knew?!

So I suppose the million dollar question is this: How do we train our babies to forever categorize their mom's voice as one that's worth hearing? Please submit your answers, I'm dying to know!


Your 10 month baby is self-feeding.

At this point you've been introducing new foods, and solids have probably been on the menu since around the 6 month mark. But what's exciting about 10 months is that you can start to put your baby into their high-chair and let them feed themselves with the age-appropriate food that you have prepared. 

It’s still important for mom and dad to be involved in feeding, but it’s nice to see them start to have some independence in this area. 

Think crab. The oh-so important pincer grasp has been developing, and your baby is able to intentionally put their thumb and pointer finger together. This means they're able to pinch smaller and smaller bits of food.

That hand-eye coordination is kicking in too. And while they're still smearing food absolutely everywhere, please, please don't forget to grab your camera and snap a few photos of your baby bathed in something atrocious. Beets are my personal favorite.

Your 10 month old might start biting.

I know this might sound silly, but it’s true! Your first instinct might be to check to see if your baby is teething. From there, look to emotional triggers that might cause your little one to start this bad habit. They might be expressing frustration with meal-time or their inability to communicate with you, boredom with their environment, or they might even be fighting an ear infection.

Mom-Tip: Give your baby the benefit of the doubt. Don't jump to conclusions and assume your baby has a behavioral issue. Do your due diligence to rule out any health-related problems first.


There are so many beautiful milestones to capture on camera at 10 months, and you'd better do it quickly since your little love is on the move! I recommend pulling out yourmilestone cards and keeping them handy so that you can capture these moments as they happen. And if something like those magical first steps happen faster than you can wait for yourbaby milestone markers to come in the mail, you can click and print ourprintable milestone cards and have them ready to go in minutes!


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