Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms, New Moms, and Grandmas

June 07, 2022 5 min read

Which scares you more: gift-giving, or giving birth? If you said gift-giving, you’re in good company! So if you’re struggling to come up with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for a hard to shop for mom, that will turn her heart into melted butter, you’re in the right place. 

This list doesn’t include ideas that will break the piggy bank, so if that’s your jam, keep it movin’.

It does include some Mother’s Day gift ideas that are completely free (other than the cost of your time), some that are meant to be unwrapped in a frenzy of love, and some that might make her ugly cry. Some Mother’s Day gifts can be delivered straight to her door, and some you’ll want to deliver yourself.

These gift ideas for mom are easy to find, perfect for last minute shoppers, and thoughtful to boot. They’ll remind her just how much she’s adored. Which, in turn, will make her shower you with more love, and the cycle continues.

In this gift guide for moms, we’ll help you find the perfect gift based on where she is in her motherhood journey. We’re going to make sure your gift gets straight to her mushy heart. However, don’t skip ahead if you can help it. There may be ideas for one type of mom that would completely fit with the mama you’re shopping for. 

Gifts for Expecting Moms

an expecting mom

  • Pedicures and some pampering can be just what the doctor ordered to get an expecting mom ready for baby’s arrival.
  • A gown, a robe, and slippers for the hospital bag bring some of the comforts from home. It may seem small, but getting out of that gown can make a new mom feel less like a patient, and more like the mom in-charge.
  • Freezer meals that are prepped and stocked, make cooking feel less like a daunting chore. Meals that just need reheated means there’s no worrying about what’s on the menu or what’s in the fridge. Whether she chooses to use them before or after baby arrives, freezer meals are truly a godsend.
  • Bundle a name announcement sign with a birth stat card for a personalized gift an expecting mom will adore. Be ready with tissues though, because seeing her baby’s name in print for the first time is known to turn on the tears.
  • As moms, we love taking pictures of our greatest masterpiece. Our babies. Gift her with our quick and easy photography workshop and set her up with the skills she’ll need to beautifully photograph her growing family. All from her own home.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

new mom with her baby

  • Milestone cards help new moms capture all the big moments and achievements with their little one through the first year. The gift that keeps on giving, those moments become memories that she’ll cherish for years.
  • Birth stat blocks remind new moms of the tiny details of a momentous day. Baby’s birthday is a day that will forever change their life and their view of the world and these stat blocks celebrate the start.
  • One Year Milestone Photo Displays proudly showcases just how far she’s come as a mom. From the early days of sleep deprivation, to the months with a full fledged toddler, these months are worth fawning over.
  • Services give new moms back their precious (and scarce) time. Things like running a load of laundry, doing some cooking or prep-work, even help with cleaning can be such a gift to a new mom.
  • This one might seem too easy, but if ever there was a time, it’s now. A new mom massage! The human body does amazing things, but a new baby brings new aches and pains. Mom-muscles take time to develop, and lugging a little one around can take some getting used to.

Gift Ideas for Experienced Moms

mom with her little boy

  • Personalized bookends make a thoughtful gift, and let mom claim her territory on the shelf (right next to the dinosaur section at our house). Pair them with old classics from her childhood, or new ones that could become favorites down the road. Better yet, plant them next to a photo album or book that documents your story together.
  • Family blocks remind her of her favorite people, along with the year they were born. These are sure to tug at her heartstrings, while checking off the personal touch.
  • Memberships to local venues like museums, zoos, or indoor playgrounds give both the kids and mom a nice change of scenery.
  • Babysitting services can cover for the date night or girls night that she’s been dreaming of. If she hasn’t already, once kids start getting a little older, moms start to re-embrace their own independence. A sitter might be just what she needs to get that ball rolling.
  • Birthstone jewelry like necklaces or bracelets are a subtle nod to their closet club.
  • Treat her to a new purse or bag as she downgrades in size from her trusty diaper bag. This could bring tears of joy, or bittersweet emotions as moms surrender to the idea that their baby isn’t a baby. Gone are the days of diapers, wipes, changing pads, spare outfits, toys, snacks, bibs, and whatever else made itself at home in that deep cavern of a bag. Here’s to a crumb-free fresh start.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

mom with her grandma

  • Family photos are one gift that never get old. We change and grow so much each year, and it can be a challenge to get all of grandma’s favorite people together. So when that opportunity arises, pounce on it and snap a photo she’ll love. Find out how to pull it off, right here.
  • While you’re at it, plop those photos into a family calendar that she can use for the next year. Sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly make the process simple.
  • Most grandmas understand how little free time other moms have, which is why they go bananas just to get some of yours. Plan a day or a date to spend time together, whether it includes brunch, cookie baking, a walk, the spa, or some good old fashioned bonding.
  • You can almost never go wrong with flowers, but for a new twist this Mother’s Day, look for a planter that’s filled with thrillers, fillers, and spillers that pack an instant punch of freshness and color. Or, try a perennial that grandma can plant (or that you can plant) to enjoy year after year.
  • Subscriptions to magazines or book clubs can bring entertainment to her day. Whatever her interests are, you can almost bet on there being a magazine made just for her. If she’s a fan of reality smut and celebrity gossip, maybe People is up her alley. Or home renovation fans might enjoy Magnolia Table (paired with a new wreath for her door, and wa-la!).
  • Grandkids’ artwork will make any grandma smile. Sure. They might not all be keepers, or made with grandma specifically in mind, but show me some paint smears by the same hands that give her favorite hugs, and I’ll show you a happy grandma.

Finding Mother’s Day gift ideas really doesn’t have to be harder than giving birth. With this thoughtful list of gifts for mom, you can breathe easy. You’ll be touching her heart with a meaningful gift she’s sure to love.

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