Must-Take Lifestyle Baby Photos

May 25, 2021 4 min read

Welcome to Baby Lifestyle Photos 101. In today’s lesson, we’re going to discuss the importance of taking photos of your little one. Listen up!

First, it’s important to document how your babe grows and changes throughout the year, because no matter how hard you try to slow down time, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll blink, and life will look completely different. Literally. 

You should also make an effort to update the photos hanging around your house, because those little faces mean everything to you and it helps kids recognize their importance in your home and your heart. Not to mention that they simply LOVE seeing photos of themselves.

Did you get all that? Sharpen those pencils, and let’s get to work! Read on for our favorite photo ideas to capture new memories with your wee one, and grab your free checklist to help you stay on track.

Tiny Details

Your opinion of these toes may transform as they age, but today? They’re still so stinkin’ sweet. While you're at it, don't forget those ten little fingers that you hold so dear. These are the teeny details of childhood that too easily fade from memory - capture them now so you’ll always remember just how tiny and sweet they are.



This is the beauty shot. The close-up picture that makes you do a double take, that catches your eye, your breath. This is your excuse to get lost in those long eyelashes, tiny dimples, freckles, birthmarks, whatever it is that makes your baby yours. So zoom on in and go for it.


Pick a Color Scheme

The secret to pulling this look off is that matchy-matchiness goes out the window. Layer different shades or hues in the same family to create depth in the photo, and to allow your baby's features to take center stage.



These are the photos that look like stardust was sprinkled from the sky. The ones that make us all swoon. Some babies sleep through the swaddle, others squirm their way out, either way, make sure baby is comfortable and follow their lead. 



The magic here isn’t where you’re standing, but how your angle changes the mood of your photo. Try a little experimentation with how you approach your babe, to find the perspective that best suits your taste. For example, shooting upward can make your baby look unstoppable (think superhero with cape flapping in the wind as you look on from below), while shooting downward shows tenderness or vulnerability. 


Candid photo of child


Catch them in the act. Don't get me wrong, I love planning milestone photos, but some of my favorites are the candid, everyday moments of life. The messiness. The realness. These are the pictures that let real emotions shine through. Wait for the relaxed pause between clicks, when there’s no pressure, no awareness that you’re ready with your camera.

As a Silent Observer

Permission granted to break out your ninja costume. The goal is to be in the background, to silently snap without any interaction with your babe. These can land you the sweetest photos of your babe just doing her thing.


As parents, we’re witnesses to soooo many firsts. The first smile, first roll, first tooth, and the list goes on before we even realize those little humans are ours. Milestone photos document each new stage of your baby’s journey, letting you cherish and revisit them for years to come. All without the need for that smudged date on the back of the photo, or the carnival guess at how old he was. Because we all need a memory jog from time to time. 


With Parents

Be kinder - to yourself that is. Forget about bad hair days, what you’re wearing, the baby weight, the lighting, whatever excuse you’re cooking up. Stop blocking and stop dodging. Take baby steps if you need to, by showing just part of your face, your baby snuggled in under your chin, or photos from behind. Your babe will cherish these some day.


With Siblings

Brothers and sisters are our first friends, our built-in protectors and blame-takers. Looking back, these photos can bring back some of the fondest memories of childhood. Gaining cooperation might be challenging, but acting silly or making a game of it can turn the stubbornest child into an instant helper. (We used to pretend the baby was covered in prickly cactus spikes - the ‘don’t touch him’ had the intended outcome - gentle hands and laughter galore.)


With Fur-Friends

Because some siblings come with more than two legs, but they’re just as much a part of the family.


In their Crib

Aim through the crib rails to capture baby in what could be one of their favorite places. Start down by the tootsies, then straight on, up toward their face, from the top of their noggin, and a bird’s eye from above to give you a variety of shots and angles.


In Hands

The epitome of innocence and frailty, posing baby safely in your arms or hands shows just how teeny they start, and gives a peek at where they’re headed as comparison.


Nose to Nose

Whispers just between the two of you. Nose to nose your focus is on each other; eyes shut in peaceful thought, or gazing at your creation, this shows the sweetest connection. Prop up your phone and set a self timer if you need to, but don’t skip this beautiful moment.


I’ve gotta admit, I’m a firm believer in both variety, and that there is beauty in simplicity. That's why I’m going to keep it simple and stress-free for you when it comes to milestones. Click for our best selling milestone blocks and cards and get to snapping those photos!

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