New Year's Eve With Kids: 20 Activities For a Memorable Night

December 27, 2021 3 min read

Pop your champagne or sparkling apple cider, throw confetti in the air, and get your pots and pans ready because New Year’s Eve is almost here!

Whether you are excited about the idea of bringing in the new year (buh-bye 2021) or like me, feel like you blinked and the year has passed you by (why does time move so fast when you become a parent?), there is no way to avoid it, so you might as well have some fun and celebrate. 

Being parents, our New Year’s Eve celebrations have drastically changed from our younger days, especially if you have tiny little ones at home. Gone are the days of hitting up the latest hot spot, reserving a table, and partying all night long. Nope. New Year’s Eve with kids is different, but can still be loads of fun.

This year, we are hosting New Year’s Eve at our house with all of my cousins and our partners. The kids are going to their respective grandparents while we get to have a kid-free night, which doesn’t happen too often in our world.

New Year's Eve With Kids

The years that we celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids are different and fun and magical in so many different ways, and Brian and I embrace all of those years, too. In fact, we have treasured those memories so much that today I wanted to round up a little guide for you. We're highlighting some truly fun New Year’s Eve activities to do with kids that I hope become some of your favorites and traditions in the years to come.

20 Activities For a Memorable New Year’s Eve With Kids


  1. Never forget any of the special moments with these  DIY Memory Jars
  2. Looking for a New Year’s Eve meal that is both kid-friendly and will be loved by adults, too? Try this cool  Pizza Crostini Bar!
  3. If you are trying to instill messages of kindness in your children, check out this  Kindness Resolutions For Kids activity. 
  4. You can’t end the year without a delicious treat! Gather all the kiddos and make these easy  New Year’s Eve Hot Cocoa Bombs!
  5. What’s New Year’s Eve without a little noise? It doesn’t matter if you are letting the kids stay up until midnight or pretending it’s twelve at seven, these  DIY Noise Makers are fun all day long.
  6. If you are hosting families for a kid-friendly evening, try incorporating this  New Year’s Balloon Game into your plans.
  7. Especially great for your little ones, this  New Year’s Eve Sensory Bin will keep them busy for hours!
  8. When the kids get bored waiting for the ball to drop, pull out this  New Year's Scavenger Hunt and they will be occupied quickly. 
  9. Perhaps you plan on keeping the little ones busy with a movie on New Year’s Eve. If so, make it extra special with this  Popcorn Ice Cream Recipe.
  10. For the older children attending your gathering, print out copies of this  New Year’s Eve Word Search so they can flex their spelling skills. 
  11. A wonderful game for many different age ranges is this special  New Year's Candy Dice Game.
  12. For little ones who love to be creative, fill their time with this coo lNew Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft.
  13. Thinking back on everything that’s happened over the past year is always a great way to bring in a new one. Get everyone involved with this  New Year’s Eve Best and Worst Questions Game.
  14. Surprise all of the kids at your gathering with these engaging  New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags to open each hour until the ball drops!
  15. When you take a break from all the games and crafting, enjoy a sweet treat with these  New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock Cupcakes.
  16. Party hats are a big part of a successful celebration, so try these  Coloring Party Hats for New Year’s Eve.
  17. Make your party extra magical with this  New Year’s Eve Wand Craft. 
  18. If you are looking for a sweet mocktail to serve the kids, look no further than this  Cotton Candy Drink Recipe.
  19. New Year’s Eve is not complete without some noisemakers! These easy-to-make  DIY Toilet Paper Roll Noisemakers will do the trick. 
  20. These  New Year’s Eve Printable Activity Sheets are a game-changer for keeping your kiddos busy and engaged all evening!


Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids this year? Or do you have an adult night out planned? I would love to hear what you are up to! Happy, happy new year!

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