Spring Activities For Kids

March 14, 2022 3 min read

After being cooped up in the house all winter, racking my brain for ways to keep these boys entertained, spring is finally, almost here! This means more sunshine, more time outdoors, and more time away from their screens. Are you feeling me on this mama? In my attempt to keep our little guys busy, I have spring activities for kids on my brain. 

Here are a few reasons why I love spring:

  • Fresh air
  • Flowers start to bloom
  • More vitamin D
  • We start to see more animals outside again
  • It means we are getting close to summer (my favorite season!)

Spring’s arrival also means that Easter is on its way, so if you are looking for activities more focused on that, please check out our  15 Kid-Friendly Easter Activities post. 


There is just so much to look forward to and fun spring activities for kids are abundant! Another component of these sweet activities is that it brings so many opportunities for bonding moments with your children. For the younger ones, who still can’t do everything themselves (as much as they want to try!), it gives you time to teach and for them to learn as you create together. For the older kids, it gives you time to create and learn side by side, while they gain some independence. 

Spring Activities For Kids

To me, when I picture spring activities for kids, I instantly picture messier activities (since they can be done outdoors), ones involving nature, and possibly some sunshine or even rain! For this roundup, I’ve separated my suggestions into two different categories: spring activities for preschools (these are more appropriate for a younger crowd) and fun spring activities for kids (think: school-aged children). I hope that you enjoy!


Spring Activities For Preschoolers

They say that little ones take extra time doing pretty much everything (ahem: dawdling) because they are experiencing the world and new things for the first time. This is so true! And it's equally important for us to quite literally let them take the time to smell the roses. And all the other newly blooming flowers in spring. These spring activities for preschoolers are perfect for their age range to learn and explore the world around them as the snow melts and we get to see more sunshine.

Spring Flower Matching Activity,  Fun With Mama

Squeeze Your Own Lemonade Sensory Bin,  The Salty Mamas

Garden Preschool Science Experiment,  From Engineer to Stay At Home Mom

Painted Rock Bumblee Art,  Bunny’s Garden

Vegetable and Flower Garden Sensory Bin,  Simply Full of Delight

Edible Play Dough Peeps,  Encouraging Moms At Home

Cereal Rainbow Craft,  Mess For Less

Fun Spring Activities For Kids

Your kiddos who are out of pre-school and having fun in elementary school will love incorporating these fun spring activities for kids into their at-home play time. There is nothing quite like being able to continue their education for the day when they arrive home from school and know they will have a good time while doing it. “Keep learning fun” is my motto!

spring flowers

Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt, In The Playroom

Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeders,  Momma Lew

Upcycled Toilet Paper Seedling Pots,  The Forked Spoon

How to Grow a Rainbow Project,  Lil Tigers

Nature Study Ideas,  Homeschooling in Progress

How to Make Paper Flowers, Craftsy Hacks

Insect Scavenger Hunt,  The Soccer Mom Blog

Countdown To Spring Break (And Spread Kindness!),  Coffee and Carpool

Lady Bug Toilet Paper Roll Craft,  Craftsy Hacks

Frog Activity For Kids,  The Inspiration Edit

I hope that you enjoyed and are inspired by all of these spring activities for kids and have put some crafting and exploring on your calendar. Now to check the weather for some rain-free days to get outdoors and be creative. If not, we can always put searching for rainbows on our to-do list. Happy crafting!

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