Spring Photoshoot Ideas for Kids

April 04, 2022 4 min read

Wanna know something kinda personal? I try REALLY hard to find spring photoshoot ideas that showcase the season my family is in. Whether that ‘season’ is spring or something less obvious like thumb sucking, I try to find different ways to record my family’s story, and to fill our photo albums with reminders of every season.

After taking spring pictures for the last few years, I still search for other ways to incorporate a spring theme into our photoshoots. It’s important to me that I keep recording and photographing our seasons of life, so that I have a visual record of my family’s time together. And so that you can have those visual records too, through photos! 

So do you want in on my favorite spring photoshoot ideas for kids? From my photo album to yours, here are spring pictures I’ve taken over the years:



Easter-Related Photos

Easter themed photoshoots for kids

Egg hunt - Press the pause button on the hunt for a moment or two and snap a photo of your little one while they’re searching for more eggs. Why is it though that kids can find eggs anywhere, but can’t ever seem to locate their shoes. ;)

Accessories - Whether you’re opting for cute bunny ears or a pouffy bunny tail, accessories make adorable additions to your springtime photos.

Eggs - Whether in a basket, in their hands, or scattered nearby, eggs can add a colorful pop to your photos. Or, plain old white or brown eggs add a natural touch to your spring photos while still celebrating the season. Just make sure they’re cooked first (trust me, this is one mistake I've made that blame on 'mom brain,' that you don't want to experience).

Crafting - Show off their latest creation, or those messy little fingers. Our boys love painting and coloring eggs, and this is one spring photo opportunity that has turned into a fun tradition for us. If you need other non-egg related ideas, we’ve got a full list of springtime activities here.

Easter basket - If your baby is small enough, you can arrange a photo with your baby in a basket. Or, add an Easter basket as a prop beside your baby to give a nod to the season.

Flower Themed Photoshoots

Flower themed photoshoots for kids


Flower field - Blooming flowers are a sure sign of spring, and meadows full of wild flowers make for the dreamiest photos. If you’re like me though, and believe those fields only exist in fairytales and someone else’s yard, we’ve got to make do with what’s around. Head out to your garden or yard, or try a park; even a dandelion in a child’s hand can add a springtime feel to your photo. 

Cherry blossoms - Though there is a short window for their blooms, cherry blossoms are downright gorgeous as backdrops for spring photos

Bouquet - If you’re in a mood for a spring photo and can’t get outside, add a bouquet beside your little one. It could be in a vase, or wrapped in paper for a more natural look and feel. Let them smell, touch or hold a flower to bring them into focus with your baby.

Outdoor Photo Ideas

outdoor photoshoot ideas for kids


Puddles - Whether you want to let your little one stomp through and splash, or just crouch and dip their little hands, puddles are a sign of spring and good things to come.

Rain Boots - While you’re at it with the puddles, pull on those rain boots. After being cooped up all winter, kids love getting special gear on to go play outside after a nice rain and boots make a fun addition to their outfit. Even boot shots alone can melt your mama heart, reminding you of the tiny toes that fit inside.

Umbrella - It’s raining, it’s pouring, sing it with me! Preferably not when it’s still raining (no one enjoys a wet camera), umbrellas can add a fun pop of color to photos with your kids. And what kid doesn’t love peeking out from underneath? They can bring out some of the biggest smiles.

Picnic - Spring is the perfect time for picnic photos, before the weather gets too hot and ants come out to rain on your parade. Picnic blankets can make the cutest backdrop for your spring photo, with the classic look of the checkerboard or something solid and simple.

Garden - Nothing screams spring quite like seeing new life sprout from the ground. Get your little one outside, let them get in the dirt, and dig around. Add in a watering pail or kid-friendly gardening tools for a touch of spring.

Swing - Photos of my boys swinging are some of my favorites, with the pure joy so clearly on their faces. Moving photos can be a challenge though, so try to snap when they’re just starting or ready to hop off rather than in mid-swing.

Springtime Photo Props

Milestone marker photo props


Milestone Markers - Spring is the perfect time of year to grab your milestone markers and head outside for a photo of your little one. Milestone blocks or wooden milestone cards are easy to take with you for outdoor photos.

Bubbles - There’s something magical about bubbles, the way they float, and the way they can instantly bring a smile to a child’s face. Blow a few into the breeze and snap away while your little one watches them dance around.

Balloons - Like bubbles, balloons bring out the joy in babies and kids, the way they bounce and float. Try balloons all in the same color for a calmer look, or mix it up with different colors for extra pops of color.

“...silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things.” I’m sure you’ve heard those lines from the famous Julie Andrews song, and while I love this time of year when the world thaws to reveal so many beautiful opportunities to take spring family photos, getting my family ready can be a challenge. I’ve got you covered on that too though, with a behind-the-scenes look at how I approach our family photos.

How are you welcoming spring into your family photos?

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