Valentine’s Day Activities For a Memorable Day of Love

February 07, 2022 3 min read

Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than we can say “candy hearts!”

The day of love, which we all know used to be a very romantic holiday, has morphed into a day filled with family-friendly Valentine’s Day activities. Not that I’m complaining over here or anything, because I absolutely love making class Valentines, stringing hearts all over the house, and attempting to create heart-shaped pancakes every February 14th, but I’m sure we could all use some holiday inspiration to make things even more special. 

What I’m saying is: put down your Supermom cape because I have rounded up all the Valentine's Day kids activities, Valentine’s Day crafts, and even ideas for the cutest Valentine’s Day photos - all in one place! No need to waste time scrolling through the Internet, I’m bringing all the Valentine’s Day fun to you, right here.

valentines day craft

Valentine's Day Kids Activities

February is the best month to have Valentine’s Day kids activities on hand to keep little ones busy, especially if you might be snowed indoors. It’s a win/win situation because they are busy having fun, while they also look at you as the coolest mom ever for having so many entertaining things for them to do!

Below are some creative and enjoyable Valentine’s Day activities from some of our favorite mama crafters around the web. I’m sure you will find some wonderful ideas to do with your little loves!

valentines day bingo

Valentine’s Day Message Tradition,All Things Crafty

Valentine’s Day Love Coupons,Brooklyn Active Mama

Valentine’s Day Bingo,Crayons and Cravings

Valentine’s Day Connect The Dots Activity,Simple Everyday Mom

Valentines Day Word Scramble,Crayons and Cravings

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Game,The Denver Housewife

Fizzy Baking Soda Hearts Science Experiment,The Craft At home Family

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt,Homeschool of One

100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar,Our Kind of Crazy

Plantable Tie-Dye Heart Seed Paper,Bunny’s Garden

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Whether you consider yourself a Pinterest-mom and thrive when arts and crafts are in your presence, or you call yourself a not-so-crafty-mom and love the simple Valentine’s Day craft ideas, I have something for everyone today. Holiday crafting is a great way for little ones to express emotions, learn about emotions, and create gifts to give during the month of love.

Just like with our Valentine’s Day kids activities, these Valentine's Day craft ideas are from some amazing mama-makers around the web that you will find truly inspirational!


Valentine’s Day Slime fromAll Things Crafty

Valentine’s Day Snow Globe Craft,Simple Everyday Mom

DIY Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Candy Holder Craft,Honey + Lime

Conversation Hearts Craft,The Printables Fairy

Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers,Artsy Fartsy Mama

Valentine’s Day Wood Shim Wreath,Crafts By Amanda

Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet,One Crazy Mom

Pipecleaner Beaded Heart,In The Playroom

Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft,Simply Full of Delight

Thumbprint Heart Bookmark, In The Playroom

Valentine's Day Photo Ideas

If you follow  Birchmark Designs on Instagram (and I sure hope you do!), you know that I shared a few Valentine’s Day photo ideas at the very beginning of the month to give you some inspiration to capture those loving memories. Whenever you are ready to capture those sweet Valentine’s Day firsts, don’t forget that we have a  sweet set of holiday baby milestone cards that celebrate all the holidays, all year long. 

Now, onto the fun Valentine’s Day photo ideas! I’m certain that no matter the age of your little loves, you will find some pink and red inspiration here to snap the cutest, most memorable Valentine’s Day photos.

love blocks

  • Put on some bright red or pink lipstick, kiss them all over (ahem: baby giggles) and snap away!
  • Pink, white, and red balloons make for some extra colorful photos.
  • Grab a few bags of candy hearts and toss them in the photos for an extra sweet prop.
  • Incorporate streamers from your local dollar store in pink, red, and white colors, let them play and snap away!
  • Play matchy, matchy with the whole fam. You know what I’m talking about - get some matching tees or pajama pants (no need to make it too complex) and get the whole family involved. 
  • Capture your kiddos kissing - there is nothing sweeter!
  • Pick up a cheap pair of angel wings and let your little ones play Cupid.

I hope that you enjoyed all of these Valentine’s Day activities and get your whole family involved in making this holiday extra special this year. 

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