Baby Milestones to Celebrate During Month Eight

February 14, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever heard that saying “you must have ants in your pants?” Well, that basically sums up life with a baby during month eight because they are busy movin’ and groovin’ and racking up the milestones along the way.

How could they not be? Everything they see is new and exciting and must be looked at, touched, tasted, and celebrated. 

Your little one is busy finding their way in the world and building on everything they learned during month seven. Similar to the teenage years, their emotions are running hot, too, as they are learning how to express themselves and communicate without being able to talk yet. I can only imagine how frustrating that could be, so patience is key with your wee learner. 

If this is the first time you are tuning in and reading our milestones posts, start with month one and work your way through - I promise you will find some fun photo inspiration, and will learn a lot about how your little love might be developing on a monthly basis.

baby milestone cards

Baby Milestones to Celebrate During Month 8

Since all of these joyful eight-month milestones are moments you definitely want to catch on camera, make sure that you  DOWNLOAD MY FREE GUIDE HERE that will walk you through everything you need to know about capturing beautiful photos at home. Yes, you can actually skip the photographer (and all that mom-stress that goes with it) and take stunning photos in the comfort of your own home - all revolving around nap time! 

Okay, here we go - month eight is filled with so many beautiful milestones!

Baby is on their way to developing the “pincher grasp”

It might sound weird, but this is a huge milestone as it leads to baby being able to use their hands much better. It almost looks like they are raking their fingers, and it eventually turns into looking like a crab's pincher claws.

Baby develops an attitude

You didn’t think this would happen this early, did you? During month eight, you will notice your little one having a bit more sass and being very determined to get into things that you have tried directing them away from.

Baby can arch their neck to look around

This means that they will be getting more and more curious about what is going on all around them!

Baby can flip from front to back or back to front at a moment's notice

I warned you they were going to get quick, didn’t I?

8 month photos

Baby can sit 

Sitting by themselves is a wonderful thing, now if only they would stay still! 

Baby can assume the knee-hand position

If your little love is already crawling, this is most likely the position they stop in to take a break (babies crawl so fast!) and if they are still learning how to crawl, assuming this position will prep them for that next step. 

Baby starts to understand your simple commands 

During this age, babies have truly started exploring their listening skills and most likely understand more than you think! Most doctors will recommend talking to them as you go about your day and saying the names of things that you use so they start to learn. 

Baby begins to prefer solid foods

Even though most of their nutrients still need to come from formula or breast milk, you will notice them start to prefer the solid foods and new tastes you are introducing them to. 

I hope that you enjoyed learning about all of the fun baby milestones that happen during month eight! If you enjoyed this blog post, I think you would love our daily Instagram content, too.  Follow us here!

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