White Growth Chart Ruler

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Made with high-quality solid wood, this Growth Ruler is the perfect way for parents to keep track of their child's growth. And unlike a door frame, you can take it with you, wherever life may lead you.

Just mark your child's height on the growth chart and watch as your child inches taller and taller. It's a fun and easy way to see just how much your little one is growing. Featuring modern, clean, simple designs, these wooden measuring sticks won't feel babyish in a few years, and make an excellent addition to any nursery or kid's room. 
  • Starts at 18" and goes up to 6'6"
  • 6" wide by 3/4" thick solid, real wood - no plywood, not pressed or engineered
  • Numbers are 3D
  • Inch marks are hand carved
  • D-Ring is attached to the back for easy hanging, with wall protectors
  • Marker/Paint pen NOT included
  • NAME: Add your child's name in 3D letters starting at the 6' mark. Size will vary depending on the number and type of characters, not to exceed 3" tall for script or 2" for print.
  • BLANK MARKERS: Add a set of 20 blank matching 3D markers to plot their height (pen not included & you will need to attach). Storage bag included. Apx size is 2.25" x 0.5"

Because these are real, solid wood, and handmade, each piece will be unique. Every ruler will look different and we make no attempts to hide Mother Nature's kisses (knots, marks, swirls, or varying grain patterns).

Customer Reviews

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Penny Rehwald

A perfect gift for my daughter’s family.

Britt T

Great shipping, thank you!

Britt T

Great shipping, thank you !


We adore this growth chart we cannot wait for it to hold all of our memories


Very cute and great quality!!