How to Choose The Best Baby Milestone Markers

February 21, 2022 7 min read

True or False: It's better to give than to receive.

One of the best baby gifts I ever received was a set of milestone markers. But since it IS better to give than to receive, I'm about to gift you a mom's perspective on our milestone markers, including all the pros and cons for each. That way, you can choose what's right for you!

Becoming a parent is truly one of the most incredible things, but it also leaves you riding a wild wave of emotions every single day. When you find out that you have a new baby on the way, we instantly seem to go into planning mode and want to have all of the things baby-related within our grasp for whenever their magical arrival finally comes. It’s a fun time and exciting as all these new feelings wash over you. 

After having two little boys, I can candidly say that having baby milestone markers on hand would be at the top of my list if I were to ever do it all again.

Yes, diapers, that amazing chair that rocks them to sleep, and a sound machine that mimics the womb are all important, too. However, capturing the memories on camera to have and to hold for the rest of your life (yes, just like getting married!) is something you will cherish long after you have already donated the uber fancy stroller that you had to have. Promise. 

milestone blocks

Why are baby milestone markers so special?

This is how I look at it: baby milestone markers are sort of the modern-day, much easier version of a baby book. I’m embarrassed to say that our baby books are half-completed to this very day. We'll get there. Someday. But this is where baby milestone markers come in as a total game-changer. 

Not only are they oh so cute, but baby milestone markers are the easiest way to capture important moments in time, and to always know how old your little one was when they happened. Easy peasy. 

You can also measure baby's growth against the milestone markers. One month their milestone card might cover their entire belly, and a few months later it's easy to see how much that belly has grown.

I'm also a big believer that milestone markers are the perfect excuse to carve some time out to take pictures of your baby. I know someday when I'm older (and grayer), that I'll be so appreciative that I took the time to do this. These are moments in time that we can't repeat, that we won't get back, and someday I'll be so grateful to have these baby photos. I already feel guilty for not taking enough photos, but at least I can minimize those feelings moving forward.

And if you are unsure about what kinds of milestones to capture we have a month-by-month guide starting HERE with month one, that outlines physical, emotional, and social milestones to be looking for.

How to Choose The Best Baby Milestone Markers

Once you have decided to incorporate baby milestone markers into your routine, the next question to answer is: which kind do you choose?

We make 3 different kinds of baby milestone markers, but there are so many more options. Today, we’re going to do a deep dive into the pros and cons of the ones we make (baby milestone cards, baby milestone blocks, and printable milestone markers) so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your growing family.

Baby Milestone Cards

You can shop baby milestone cards  here!



  • They are double sided (ahem: eco-friendly), so they take up less space in those drawers that are already filled with a million other baby items.
  • You can personalize your set with a name announcement made special for your little one.
  • They come in a wide range of design options. Expecting a baby girl? Maybe it's a boy? Or are you waiting for the surprise? Whether you're looking for something feminine, boyish, or gender neutral, there are many options to choose from.
  • Milestone cards are very easy to use. They are small and light enough that you can prop them on baby's belly. Or, when baby starts grasping objects, they can hold onto the cards in photos.
  • They're portable! If you've got a trip or vacation planned and don't want to miss a milestone, they're easy to pack in your luggage and take with you. This also makes a great way to mark and remember baby's first trip.
  • Adding to your family? Milestone cards are reusable, so once your first baby graduates through the milestones, you can keep them to use with any future little ones.
  • A handy storage bag keeps them all together, so you don't miss a beat (or a month).

Cons: Our baby milestone cards take you from month one through baby’s first year, so if you plan on taking milestone photos after your little love turns one, you will want something that will stretch further into their childhood. (Keep reading below about our  milestone blocks, I think they might be just what you need.)

Check out our Tips For Using Baby Milestone cards HERE!

Baby Milestone Blocks

You can shop for baby milestone block  here!

pear blocks


  • When you read reviews from other parents talking about 'beautiful,' or 'gorgeous' milestone markers, they're usually talking about our milestone blocks. They truly look just stunning in photos. (Not to toot my own horn, you can hear it from our happy customers too.)
  • Hand crafted for some serious durability. They're solid wood, and made to last as long as your little one will let you photograph them. Durability also means they'll last from your first child, to your second, to however many little ones you add to your family. This turns them into a family keepsake you can use from one baby to the next.
  • They grow with your baby. Meaning as your baby starts to develop, starts to sit, and then stand, and move, milestone blocks will still work in your photos. You can lay them flat as you take your baby's picture from above, or you can prop them beside your child as you take a photo looking straight on.
  • Classic color schemes allow them to double as decor, with many parents choosing to display them on a shelf, table, or dresser in their baby's nursery.
  • The classic colors also mean that they don't distract the eye from your baby. Instead, they calmly enter into the picture so you can focus on the reason you're taking photos in the first place - your baby!
  • With sides that rotate through the weeks, months, years, and grade levels, they can be used to mark the milestones from birth all through the school years. You'll be using them for years, as the photo taking options are endless!
  • You can also purchase  name blocks to grow your collection and truly personalize each photo.
  • Bonus: baby can play with them just like regular blocks! The large sets do get heavy though so make sure their tower doesn't get too tall. ;)

Cons: Our baby milestone blocks are the biggest and heaviest out of the three milestone marker collections, making them slightly challenging to transport if you are planning on taking milestone photos outside your home. For example, you might not want to carry them in your backpack on a hike Instead, you would want to opt for our milestone cards or printables if you're planning photos on-the-go.

Check out our Ideas For Styling Milestone Blocks HERE!

Printable Baby Milestones

You can shop for printable baby milestones  here!



  • No time to waste? These are for you. Printable baby milestones are perfect for any mama who is ready to start taking photos right now. (Don’t we all?) 
  • They make for an easy DIY project, regardless of your crafting ability. You can print them at home, or send out to a local printer or photo shop.
  • The options are endless! You can choose the color and type of paper you want to print them on, whether a simple sheet of white paper if you're in a pinch, or textured ivory cardstock for a luxury look. (Though we recommend 110 lb cardstock, we'd rather you just get started making those memories, with whatever paper you have on-hand.) 
  • If you are a mama who loves to craft, these will be a fun way for you to tap into your creative side! Along with paper type and color, you can also round the corners or add a decorative edge to give your milestone markers a unique touch.

Cons: The only con for our printable baby milestones is that they aren’t as durable as our other options. If baby decides to grab the printed milestone marker and put it in their mouth, you will need to re-print it. Thankfully, that is super easy to do!

milestone marker comparison chart

Other Types of Milestones

While I might be partial to the milestone markers we make, my mama skills would need some work if I didn't give you all the options to help you make your own decision. Please keep in mind that some of these milestone markers I have tried with my own kids, and some are just based on my opinions...

  • Iron-On's or Stickers: These are typically monthly milestones that are ironed or stuck on to a piece of clothing, like a onesie. They take some planning to coordinate the size your baby is wearing, with the season, so you'd need to wait to prepare them each month, or be ready to just go with it. For example, if your baby will turn 6 months in November, what size will they be, and do you want long sleeve or short sleeve? Also keep in mind once baby starts moving, your view of the milestone may be distorted or wrinkled as they wriggle and roll.
  • Blankets: These have space for your baby to lay on one side, with all of the milestones shown on the opposite side. Mamas usually have a marker that they move around to indicate which month their baby is in. While there are many designs available to suit your specific taste, you're typically limited to overhead photos of your baby as they're lying flat. (And please share your magical powers if you can get your 12 month old to lay still for a photo!)
  • Accessories: These are items like bowties, ties, or hairbows that usually show the month on an accessory that your baby can wear. While they add personality and color to your photos, the months can be tricky to see. Personally, I prefer milestone photos that clearly show how old a baby is, without hiding or distracting from your little one.

I hope that you found my baby milestone markers pro and con list helpful in making your decision about which one is best for you and your growing family. Once you have made your decision and have your baby milestone markers in your hands, check out my guide for must take lifestyle baby photos.

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